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Findlay Market Parade Memories

Findlay Market Parade Memories features pictures of the parade through the years. More years will be added as time continues. We are interested in photos from parades that occurred in 1997 and before (general photos which do not focus on a single person).


2012 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 5, 2012
Grand Marshal: Aaron Boone - 2003 Cincinnati Reds All-Star
Notes: Mat Latos, Nick Masset, Ms. Ohio: Audrey Bolte, Ms. Teen Ohio: Kendall Fein and Cincinnati Great: George Foster.

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2011 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: March 31
Grand Marshal: Joe Morgan - Hall of Fame Class of 1990
Notes: Cars 2 World Grand Prix cars, Cincinnati Zoo animals, a penguin from New Port Aquarium and Retired Cincinnati Police Chief Tom Streicher.

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2010 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 5
Grand Marshal: Johnny Bench - Hall of Fame Class of 1989
Notes:2010 Honorary Marshal - George Grande, Retired play-by-play voice of the Reds. Miss Ohio: Amanda Tempel and Reds pitcher: Bronson Arroyo.

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2009 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 6
Grand Marshal: Frank Robinson - Hall of Fame Class of 1982
Notes: Cold and rainy. Reds pitchers Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto

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2008 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: March 31
Grand Marshal: Cesar Geronimo - Big Red Machine Outfielder
Notes: Tributes to Joe Nuxhall, Bob Howsam and Chief Bender. Clash of Choirs winner Team Lachey.

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2007 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 2
Grand Marshal: Eric Davis - 1990 World Series Outfielder
Notes: The nations largest monster fire truck and a new "Mr. Redlegs".

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2006 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 3
Grand Marshal: Mario Soto - 3x All-Star pitcher
Notes: George W. Bush becomes first sitting President to throw out first pitch.

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2005 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 4
Grand Marshal: Rudi Johnson - 2004 Pro Bowler
Notes: Joe Nuxhall and 15 marching bands.

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2004 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 5
Grand Marshal: Dave Parker - 1978 NL MVP & 7x All-Star
Notes: Tribute to Marge Schott. Marge's sisters ride in her place. An Elephant wearing a red cape and a Reds cap. Also, 21 St. Bernard dogs walk in the Parade.

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2003 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: March 31
Grand Marshal: Tom Browning - Pitched Perfect Game 9/16/1988
Notes: 205 entries - which includes 25 floats, 15 marching bands and the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. First Opening Day for Great American Ball Park.

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2002 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 1
Grand Marshal: Ken Griffey Sr. - Outfielder of Big Red Machine
Notes: Famous runaway cow, who Mayor Charlie Luken gives the key to the city also 10 marching bands and 20 floats. Last season at Cinergy Field.

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2001 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 2
Grand Marshal: Anthony Munoz - NFL HOF Class of 1998
Notes: Camels from the Cincinnati Zoo, tribute to longtime vendor "Peanut Jim" Shelton and an Elvis impersonator. An estimated 100,000 people lined the route.

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Date: April 3
Grand Marshals: Whitney Ramos (age 6) and Robbie Schlensker (age 12)
Notes: Whitney and Robbie were chosen because of the efforts of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Parade led by Wegman Belgian draft horses. Country singer Jo Dee Messina is also present.

2000 Pictures added soon


1999 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 5
Grand Marshal: Joe Nuxhall - Reds Pitcher & Broadcaster
Notes: Neil Luken takes over as parade chairman and has 140 entries including the Budweiser Clydesdales. Marge Schott signs autographs.

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1999 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: March 31
Grand Marshal: Linda Vester - anchor for NBC News at Sunrise
Notes: Jeff Gibbs last parade as chairman. Cincinnati Police Officer Kathleen "Katy" Conway (officer hero who was shot 4x by a gunman two months earlier), Cincinnati Zoo elephants, llamas, clowns, llamas and Belgium draft horses.

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Date: April 1
Grand Marshal: Ohio Gov. George Voinovich
Notes: 159 entries including: Marching bands, Belgian and Clydesdale horses. Also, in the parade were camels and an elephant from the Cincinnati Zoo. Marge Schott joins in the parade despite being suspended from baseball.


Date: April 1
Grand Marshal: Sparky Anderson - Manager of Big Red Machine
Notes: More than an inch of snow was reported that morning. The game was postponed due to fatal heart attack of home plate umpire John McSherry.


Date: April 4
Grand Marshal: Joe Bare - Past President of the Market Association
Notes: The Parade, with its zoo animals and marching bands, went on even though the Cincinnati Reds would not play their first game for almost a month, due to the strike. Marge Schott begins the parade with sounding of a fire engine horn. Only about 125 entries made the parade, with one of the favorite being a wagon pulled by a young girl from Bridgetown with a banner stating, "Replacement Float".


1994 Opening Day ThumbnailDate: April 4
Grand Marshal: J Gibbs, A Silverglade, G Vassler & F Altanzaro
Notes: Official 1st game for the Reds is played on Easter Sunday. Marge Schott refuses to acknowledge it as Opening Day and the fans concur. The parade is held on Mon with 175 entries including Schottzie the Elephant and the USA Dog Rescue Greyhounds.

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Date: April 5
Grand Marshal: Jerry Springer
Notes: Marge Schott is suspended for a year, but the fans and a local radio station show their support. The Findlay Market Association float sports a large heart with the words "We Love Marge".


Date: April 6
Grand Marshal:


Date: April 8
Grand Marshal:
Notes: Following the World Series win, the 1991 parade was even larger than the previous, which was a record breaker. 165 entries (increase of 35 from the previous year) including 14 marching bands (up from 2) and 6 floats (previous years only saw one, which was from the Findlay Market Association). Also on hand was an antique fire engine, Budweiser Clydesdale horses and two elephants from the Cincinnati Zoo.


Date: April 17
Grand Marshal:
Notes: Postponed due to the labor issues, but was the largest parade up to that point with 130 entries including Schottzie the Elephant, a pigeon release and 2 marching bands.


Date: April 3
Grand Marshal:


Date: April 4
Grand Marshal:
Notes: Budweiser Clydesdale horses and beer wagon, Indian Hill High School Band...


Date: April 6
Grand Marshal:
Notes: Joe Dippong "Mr. Spoons", East Central High School band, Dave Rose (Pete Rose's brother).


Date: April 7
Grand Marshal:
Notes: Miss Cincinnati (Shawn Campbell), Lukens Poultry float, clowns...


Date: April 8
Grand Marshal: Madrigal Fields, Tammy Stegbaer & Chris Eberhart
Notes: Elephants and horses...