West Side Wonders

The West Side Little Leagues 12 year old All Star team will be in the parade, parade unit sponsored by Jake Sweeney Automotive.

In 2021, West Side Little Leagues 12 year old All Star team experienced a magical run. Our “West Side Wonders” started their run with an undefeated victory in the District 9 Tournament. They continued with a championship at State against Ohio’s best competition. This success advanced them into the regional bracket, where their hard work qualified them for a World Series bid. This group of young athletes then experienced record-breaking success by becoming West Side’s most winning team. They earned a championship win for the Tom Seaver Little League World Series Title. This gave them the opportunity to represent our great community in the Little League World Series championship game, which is further than any Ohio Little League team has ever advanced in the World Series.

Little League video on the journey for West Side Little League: https://fb.watch/8a-D1rq3-E/


Head Coach Ken Coomer

Coach Danny Adams

Coach Chris Craft

Players (by number):

#3 - Chase Moak

#5 - Gage Maggard

#6 - Cooper Clay

#7 - Brady Baumann (BAU-men)

#8 - Crew Brown

#9 - Levi Smith

#10 - Kaleb Harden

#12 - Gavin Saylor

#13 - Maddox Jones

#15 - Tyler Donges (don-juss)

#16 - Noah Davidson

#18 - Chance Retherford

#23 - JJ Vogel

#24 - Cooper Oden

Parade unit sponsored by: Jake Sweeney LOGO