Entry Points / Gate Numbers

Where and When to Lineup

Download the pdf below to find the entry points for the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade.  See Parade Lineup Position to see what gate you should be entering.  Below is what time you should be entering the gate.

Setup Time

The parade begins at 12 PM to accommodate the length of the parade and ensure that all spectators have sufficient time to get to the ballpark by the start of the game at 4:10 PM. To ensure all units are in their designated spot and to assist with maneuverability within our limited space, we have updated the required time units should be on-site. See below for the final setup time requirements per unit group:

  • Units 1 - 30: Arrival of 9:00 AM
  • Units 35 - 57: Arrival of 9:15 AM
  • Units 58 - 83: Arrival of 9:30 AM
  • BANDS: Arrival of 10:00 AM or earlier
  • Units 85 - 125: Arrival 10 AM or earlier
  • Units 126 - 155: Arrival of 10:30 AM or earlier
  • HORSES: Arrival of 10:30 AM or earlier

Download 2024 Gate Entry Points (PDF)

Market Location Map

Download the the Market Location Map for a down to the unit map of where each unit is to be positioned around the market area for staging.

Download 2024 Market Location Map (PDF)