2023 Marching Bands and other School Units

Marching Bands (Colleges/Universities)

  • Mount St. Joseph University Band (Cincinnati, OH)
    Mount St. Joseph University, established by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, opened its doors to the first 20 students in 1920 as the first Catholic university for women in Southwestern Ohio. Exactly a century later, the University now maintains a enrollment over 2,000 male and female students and is known for its commitment to serving the greater good and its athletic program, which competes in Division III of the NCAA. Marching Band 30 Band Members 2 Directors.
  • Thomas More University Marching Band (Crestview Hills, KY)
    Thomas More has been part of the Reds parade since 2017.  The band is a contemporary-style marching band and uses standard woodwind, brass, percussion instruments, synthesizers and guitars along with supporting color guard.
  • University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)
    This is the first year for the UC Marching Band in the parade. The University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands are a comprehensive campus band program providing educational opportunities, artistic expression, and leadership development programs to students through music. Our mission is to provide access to musical excellence and create an educated, informed citizenry deeply connected to their humanity. Our vision is for the University of Cincinnati to be the most musical campus in the United States.
  • Wilberforce University Marching Band (Wilberforce, OH)
    This is the first year for the Wilberforce University Marching Band in the parade. Our inaugural ensemble, the Hounds of Sound marching band, has begun its first season with 147 members, which includes 7 auxiliary, 39 percussion (Drumline) and 101 wind and brass instruments

Marching Bands (High Schools)

  • Aiken High School Band (Cincinnati, OH)
    The Aiken High School marching band is under the direction of Dr. Steven Barton and Branden Smith. Band is comprised of 10 percussion, 15 Brass, 20 woodwinds and 5 drill team member
  • Badin Rocks Stephen T Badin High School Band (Hamilton, OH)
    The Badin Rocks Ensemble is the primary pep for Stephen T Badin High School. The group consists of 20 musicians playing many different instruments including vocals, guitar, drums, brass, woodwind, bass, and keyboards. Unlike most high school bands we are not a marching band. We ride on a flatbed truck using a sound system because many of our instruments are electric and we also need the sound system to utilize our singers.
  • Batavia High School Marching Band (Batavia, OH)
    The Bulldog Band plays throughout the region at festivals, parades, college Band days and for comments at Mid-States and OMEA adjudicated events. In the past 5 years the band has played at Cedar Point, Ohio University, Ohio State University, the Jackson Apple Festival, the Wayne Festival of Bands and the Findlay Market Opening Day Parade. Band size and composition Total band members 85 10 color guard/flags with 18 drummers, 10 flutes, 12 clarinets, 12 saxophones, 12 trumpets, 3 horns, 9 trombones, 3 tubas.
  • Bethel-Tate Marching Band (Bethel, OH)
    The Bethel-Tate Marching Band provides musical entertainment and has performed at the Little Miami Band Festival, the Felicity Gourd Parade, the Batavia Veterans' Day Parade, and hosted their own local marching band festival at Bethel-Tate High School. The band is made up of 21 winds, 7 percussion, 3 color guard members and will be performing a mix of band music and drum cadences with various visuals.
  • Carlisle HS Marching Band (Carlisle, OH)
    The CHS marching band is comprised of 70 members from the Carlisle Local School district. The band is a consistent state finalist, receiving many contest wins and caption awards. Our kids frequently play at the college level and they often perform state wide and it Disney World every 4 years. The band will consist of 2 banner carriers, 4 flutes, 6 clarinet, 5 alto sax, 3 Mello phone, 1 bari sax. 2 tenor sax, 10 trumpets, 6 trombone, 4 baritones. 2 tuba, 8 percussion, and 6 color guard members.
  • Cincinnati College Preparatory Academy Lions Marching Band (Cincinnati, OH)
    The Lions Marching Pride is the newest rising Marching Band in the West End of Cincinnati. Consisting of 40 students from the 4th grade to 12th graders; most of them having to learn to play their instruments in less than 2 years. The CCPA Lions Marching Pride is a young band field with young people who are the STARS of Cincinnati. Total Band Members 40: Percussion 10, Brass 20, Woodwind 2, Dancers 8
  • Clermont Northeastern Marching Rockets (Batavia, OH)
    Under Director Chris Moore's direction, the band has performed in Virginia's Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, Findlay Market Opening Day Parade, 2021 Ohio State Homecoming Skull Session and the 2018 and 2019 PASIC Drumline Battles. The band has also performed six times at Disney's Magic Kingdom, and was selected to perform a ten minute showstop performance at Disney's EPCOT Center. The Marching Rockets were featured as the closing band in the 2017 and 2019 BLINK Parade. The 2022 Marching Rockets has 80 members, which includes 24 Percussion, 30 Brass, 20 Woodwinds and 8 Color Guard.
  • Deer Park High School Marching Band (Deer Park, OH)
    The Deer Park High School Marching Band has become the model of consistency, qualifying for OMEA State Finals for 29 consecutive seasons. The band earned its tenth superior rating at OMEA state finals in the fall of 2021. Recently, the Deer Park HS Band was named the Grand Champion of the 2022 Kings High School Band Invitational. The Deer Park High School Band will be performing at the Findlay Market/Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade in 2023 for the first time and at Disney World in 2026. The Deer Park High School Band has 40 brass/woodwinds, 15 percussion and 22 colorguard
  • East Central Trojan Band, Guard & Dance Team (St. Leon, IN)
    East Central High School Marching Trojans Longest Running participant in the Opening Day Parade. They were the 2016, 2021 Indiana State School Music Association Scholastic A State Marching Band Finalist, 2022 WGI Percussion Scholastic Concert A World Champion 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2022 Indiana Percussion Association. State Champion Director of Bands - Andrew Sharf Asst. Director or Bands - Dr. Brandon Dodge Color Guard Director - Kiley Sharf. The Marching band will have 14 Color Guard 19 Brass 17 Woodwinds 12 Percussion
  • Jac Cen Del Band (Osgood, IN)
    The small public High School in Osgood, Indiana has 300 students. The band has performed at the Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade, Versailles Pumpkin Show Parade, Aurora Farmers Fair parade, Madison Marching Showcase, as well as numerous other public performances. The band is under the direction of Mr. Cameron Blackwell, with assistance from the Flag Corps Director, Mrs. Trista Poman, and Dance Team coach, Mrs. Brittany Marley. The 64 total members comprised of Percussion, Brass, Woodwinds, Flags (11), Dance Team (6), Banner carriers (2)
  • Lawrenceburg Marching Tigers (Lawrenceburg, IN)
    The Lawrenceburg High School band is under the direction of Emily Greve. Tiger Sound participates various parades in and around their hometown and provides entertainment at football and basketball games. Tiger Sound is excited and proud to be involved in the Opening Day festivities with 26 Total Band Members Flutes - 1 Clarinets - 2 Alto Saxophone - 3 Trumpets - 3 French Horns - 2 Trombones - 3 Euphoniums - 4 Tuba - 1 Percussion - 7
  • Lebanon High School Marching Band (Lebanon, OH)
    The band consists of 113 members and is under the direction of Mr. Andrew Sersion. The band recently traveled to Walt Disney World in November and participated in the Magic Kingdom March! The Lebanon High School Marching Band placed 68th nationally in the 2021 Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis. Our uniforms are red and black which match some of the colors used in the Reds uniforms. This would be our first time participating in the opening day parade festivities. The make up of the band is: Woodwinds - 36, Brass - 38, Percussion - 19, Guard - 15, Drum Majors - 3, Banner Holders - 2
  • Little Miami High School Marching Band (Morrow, OH)
    The Panther band is proud to have performed in the Findlay Market Parade for 11 years and is under the direction of Tabitha Smith, assistant director Molly McCoy and percussion instruction by Rick Reinzan (rine-zan). The Little Miami Marching Panther Band is a show style band that enjoys performing for a crowd. The band is known for its exciting drum cadences and dance moves. There are 74 total band members, being comprised of: Percussion 12, Wind players 62
  • Lynchburg Clay Marching Band (Lynchburg, OH)
    The Marching Mustangs from Lynchburg, Ohio are playing in their first Findlay Market/Opening Day Parade. In 2021, the Marching Mustangs earned a Superior rating at OMEA State Marching Band Contest for the first time since 1989. This year, The Lynchburg Clay Marching Band qualified for State Finals for the second year in a row, and earned a Superior rating for the second year in a row (the highest possible rating). The Lynchburg Clay High School Marching Band consists students from Lynchburg Clay Middle and High Schools. The band is made up of: 2 Banner Carriers, 7 Guard (Flags) 5 Flutes, 7 Clarinets 7 Saxophones (4 Alto , 2 Tenor, 1 Baritone), 7 Trumpets, 5 Trombones, 1 Baritone, 2 Tubas and 7 Percussionists (Drummers).
  • Moeller/Mount Notre Dame Band (Sycamore Township, OH)
    The Moeller/Mount Notre Dame Marching Band partners two high schools into one well-balanced program. Having experienced over 300% growth over the last few years, the band has developed a reputation for shows with current music, guitars, singers, and electronics. 70 Total Band Members (percussion 15, winds 35, color guard 20). We’ll have some instruments on a flatbed equip trailer pulled by our band van.
  • Oak Hills High School Highlander Marching Band (Bridgetown North, OH)
    The Oak Hills High School Marching Band features five curricular ensembles including two concert bands, two jazz bands, a Competitive Marching Band and the non-competitive Highlander Marching Band. The Competitive Marching Band is in its fifth year of competitive marching in the Mid-States Band Association Circuit, and performed in its first ever "Bands of America" event at the University of Louisville's Cardinal Stadium this past October. The Oak Hills High School Marching Band returned to perform at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida this past December. 87 Musicians, 3 Drum Majors, 23 Color Guard Members, 7 Oakettes, 5 Majorettes
  • Reading Marching Band (Reading, OH)
    The 8th - 12th grade marching band from Reading, OH have performed recently at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN and The Flying Pig. In the past we have performed at Little Miami Band Fest, The University of Cincinnati Band Day, Turpin Band Invitational, and in Washington DC in front of the WWII Memorial. Total Band Members 43 being comprised of: Percussion 6 , Brass 10, Woodwinds 10, Color Guard 10, Banner Carriers 2, Directors 3
  • Ross High School Marching Band (Hamilton, OH)
    The Ross Marching Band is a competitive marching band from Southwest Ohio. Ross has been accepted to the Ohio State Marching Band Finals for the past 38 consecutive years. The band has also performed in Orlando, Florida, Washington, DC, and New York City. Ross marches at all home football games and the local Homecoming and Memorial Day parades. This year the band will travel to New York City and will perform on the USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier. Band composition: 29 Woodwinds, 28 Brass, 25 Percussion, 9 Guard, 3 Drum Major 2 Banner Carriers
  • Whiteoak High School Marching Band (Mowrystown, OH)
    The Whiteoak Marching Band has performed at the Jackson Apple Festival and the Circleville Pumpkin Show. This year the band has added other unique performances to their schedule such as marching band festivals and university band days. The band will be wearing their full uniform which includes black and white jackets, black pants, black shoes, and hats with plumes. The band is made up of 2 Flutes, 9 Clarinets, 2 Alto Saxophones, 6 Trumpets, 1 Trombone, 1 Tuba, 2 Bass Drums, 1 Tenor Drums, and 2 Snare Drums.

Non-Band School Units

  • Crosby Elementary Popcycles Unicycle Club (Harrison, OH)
    The Crosby Popcycles consist of about 40 4th and 5th grade students from Crosby Elementary in the Southwest Local School District in Crosby Township, Hamilton County, Ohio. This group of students have been learning and practicing unicycle formations 3 days a week beginning in October 2018. Practices are in the mornings before school so all of the students must be at school an hour and a half before school actually starts, and they can't wait to get there! It is the only known unicycle club in the city and by far the biggest. This year they have performed at the Harrison High School basketball games (both boys and girls), a Miami University men's basketball game and a UC women's basketball game.
  • Holmes High School - Skills USA (Covington, KY)
    Holmes High School - Skills USA is a Career and Technical Student Organization(CTSO) that focuses on community service and project based learning experiences. The H.H.S. Covington is a 30' stern wheel steam boat parade float. The unit will be lead by ROTC color guard followed by the parade float pushed by students.
  • Pendleton County High School Navy Junior ROTC (Falmouth, KY)
    Pendleton County High School Navy Junior ROTC is a high school program sponsored by the United States Navy that seeks to instill in students the values of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. This unit consit of 50 members making up the Color Guard, Banner Carriers and Marchers.
  • Sherwood Elementary Rappin' Ropes Team (Sherwood, OH)
    Sherwood Rappin' Ropes is an elementary jump rope team comprised of 60 2nd through 6th graders from Sherwood Elementary in the Forest Hills School District. Established in 1994, the tradition has been upheld through parent volunteer coaches and school and community support. We perform 5-8 minute shows (to music) combining various jump rope tricks to entertain local high schools and colleges basketball half time audiences. We look forward to again "Jumping for the Reds". Students will jump the entire length of the parade route performing various jumps including rump jumps, speed jumps, crisis cross, side swings, double unders and leg overs.
  • St. Veronica Catholic School (Cincinnati, OH)
    St. Veronica School is a Catholic school offering classrooms Pre-K through 8th grade, with rigorous academic programs, outstanding professional teachers, and a Christian-disciplined atmosphere. “Cincinnati’s Baseball Memories” Opening Day Parade 2023 Shouts of, “Put me in coach”, fill the air! Throughout the years the Cincinnati Reds have lead the way to professional baseball. The St. Veronica students want to honor our home team by representing players throughout the decades of baseball. Each student will select a player to represent during the Opening Day Parade. We are excited to incorporate the “baseball” theme into all areas of the learning curriculum. The project begins with “picking-a-player” to research, write a short biography, and give an oral presentation to the student body.

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